Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hold this moment.

Breathe in this moment
with all it's pain
and confusion.

The sadness can overwhelm
if you let it.
The anger can destroy you.
Cutting and Ripping
your sense of peace,
to shreds.
Clenched fists
choked breaths
strangled heart.

But the grief and the anger
are not more powerful than love.

So just breathe in this moment
and know that peace will come.
Comfort will be given
and love will surround you.

Breathe in this moment
and see
with your heart
that there is still beauty
and hope
Profession of love
and reception of love
in every single moment.

It is love that makes moments eternal.
And immortal.

Emotions, passions, events materialize and fade
moment by moment
but peace always comes
and understanding
is always given
in time.

So breathe.
so deeply that you feel your lungs will burst
 not from anger or sorrow.
but from the full realization of the gift of being present
and all that is possible
in this moment.

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