Tuesday, March 26, 2013

for my husband - after lots of talk about marriage...

At times, I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of the world that I wish
I could hug God. 

But when I feel like I find nothing but air to embrace, I look to you, my husband
Without whom, my joy feels hollow.
And I thank God for you.
And I thank God that He gave me arms to wrap around you.

And when my arms can not reach,
I thank God that He gave me eyes
to get drunk on your smile.

And if darkness surrounds,
I thank God that He gave me ears to bathe in
the peace of your breath
and the strength of your voice.

And if the distance is too far for sound waves to traverse,
I thank God for my mind and crisp visions of moments lost in each other.

And if my mind fails or is focused on lesser things,
I thank God for my heart where I can feel your love always.

And in doing so, through you, I find Him,
where He was all along,
where He was forever embracing me and
from where
He led me to you.

Through you, and your love, I find Him.

Thank you for loving me.  (hey braky waky)


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