Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama and Boehner in a tree....

So here we are.  The election is over America has made its choice.

I have been so torn because like I said in a Facebook post, my kids will absolutely know that I respect the office of the president and he has my prayers.  But I would be lying if I didn't say I am wary.  I am not wary because of who Barack Obama is necessarily; but because of how the campaigns went and how it seems that there is more vitriol than knowledge in political conversations.

But Barack Obama is our president and John Boehner is our Speaker... both are facts and they need to work together whether anyone likes it or not.

Many democrats seemed to be convinced that the republicans wanted the country to fail so that Obama would not be re-elected.  Whether you see that as Gospel truth or absolutely insane, let's just say the 'plot' failed.  Obama has been elected to a second term.  Plotting or no plotting, it's time to get on with it and as Obama would say, move 'forward.'  But, with all the gloat tinged olive branches that seem to be being offered and the doom and gloom talk on Facebook we can see it is hard to move forward until we are honest about where we are now.

So here are some things I am contemplating and would like you also to consider.

What if:

1)       We give up the words Republican or Democrat on Facebook for one full year and demand that our politicians do the same.  (The media makes money with divisiveness so it'd take a while for them to catch on.)  If we talk about a bill, we don't say its a 'republican measure,' we say, here is a bill introduced by Boehner.  Or Nancy Pelosi has co-sponsored a bill with Harry Reid and then let's talk about the bill itself.  And, what if you were not allowed to talk about/comment on said bill unless you actually read it (they have summary's on the gov't web site... that would suffice.)  Also let's not make major leaps in logic, not supporting a bill, does not mean not supporting an idea, it means not supporting a bill.  Instead of the phrase "republicans don't believe in fair pay for women," instead we would talk about the merits and difficulties with the lily ledbetter act, who supported it, who wrote against it and why.

2)     We all admit the incredible bias of the media.  The Daily Show, which I genuinely enjoy, does not "give it equally to both sides," as I have heard many people say.  I believe Stewart himself was alarmed by this and I think he took an active part in making himself the foil of Bill O'Reilly, who, believe it or not also 'gives it' to both sides.  Stewart and O'Reilly are probably fairly equal counterparts as far as liberal to conservative leanings... If you, right now are scoffing... please take a moment to breathe and look in the mirror because you are exactly who I am addressing.                   

Fox News is not the counterpart to MSNBC like people try to often say.  It is not even a counterpart to CNN at this point.  Fox News is a trusted news source for the majority of the middle of the day.  It has a morning talk show that is meant to be light with a bias counterpart to something like the Today Show or GMA.  And in the evening it has punditry that has bias similar to 'Rock Center' with Brian Williams or Hardball.  

Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, the local paper... so often we are being inundated with so much one-sided bias that when you see Fox News it does seem completely out of whack.  If you are still scoffing, I challenge you to put CNN and Fox News on 'last channel' or whatever quick change offer your remote control has.  When a major news story breaks, flip back and forth... just try it.  

And, just as a little aside, on Jimmy Fallon, they did a sketch where Obama asked Romney if he was 'calling to concede or if he was still watching Fox News,' the assumption that people take away without realizing it is that Fox News was playing with the numbers to keep 'hope alive.'  Fox News called it for the president before CNN did.  Tiny things like that repeated over and over again give people bias without even being aware they are getting it.

3)     We open our minds to the possibility that gay marriage is not just about lovey dovey 'fairness,' it, just as straight marriage is, is good for the economy and it is good for our communities and our people and would make logical sense for our country to embrace.  I understand, though disagree, with people's hesitation on this matter.  They, for the most part, are not bigots.  They are trying to understand a very real complex shift in how we view the family unit and why as a government we sanction marriage at all.

For people living it, I hate the idea of saying that it is not an easy thing for some people to earnestly wrap their heads around.  And I can absolutely understand their anger, but in the true attempt of looking at where we need to go, again, we need to be honest about where we are.

4)  Also republicans must understand and acknowledge that many people had genuinely good reasons to vote for Barack Obama, despite our dismay.  They did not do so because they wanted a handout or because they want socialism or for Israel to be destroyed.  And though, we may feel we have evidence that points out that these are things Barack Obama is leaning toward, we do not have a crystal ball.  Those that voted for him for the most part genuinely feel that President Obama can do a better job leading this nation.  And for all of our sakes, let's hope that they are right.

Though I am admittedly wary of what is to come, I will do my best to support my president and make sure I am informed and passionate about the issues that face this country.

And, because I am an American and regardless of who our president is we have the freedom to live how we believe is right.  I am going to live out what I consider my very important conservative ideals, I am going to work hard and sacrifice and give to those in need without anyone forcing me to do so.  I am going to continue to live my faith and pray to God and respect the religions and traditions of those around me as I expect them to respect mine.  I am going to raise my kids responsibly and consider myself their primary educator in everything from morality to academics.  I am going to speak up if I see injustice happening and act if I can change it.  And I will support my military, my church, my family, my neighbors and my country in the best way I can.

Let's stop looking to government and worrying about who is reaching further across some 'aisle,' and instead all look in the mirrors.  We, as strong willed, motivated, hard working individuals will be what makes this country strong again.

thanks for reading... 


Monday, November 5, 2012

'Twas the night 'fore elections

'Twas the night 'fore elections and all on Facebook
passion, accusations, do I even dare look?
status: my absentee ballot was mailed out with care!
I'm hoping my guy will be in the oval's chair!

Lip dubs and satire and commands to go vote.
status: If my guy doesn't win, I'm on the next boat! (2 likes)
reply: Stop Shoving Your Religion Down My Throat! (12 likes)
reply: I Swear I'll Unfriend you after that shit you wrote! (1like)

Your candidate's a lier and a jackass know-nuthin'
Damn it, I'll show you! why isn't there a 'dislike' button?!
Nice normal people throughout the year,
turned wingnut and commie... I needed a beer.

Unfriending an uncle, I hit a new low
and decided to catch up on pre-recorded shows.
In comfy pajamas with braids on my head
I settled in to see the walking dead.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I paused DVR to see what was the matter
Obama with his ears and Mitt with his hair
were out on the porch, just standing there.

'Thank you for opening they door' they did greet
'You are just the one we came out here to meet!'
I knew then I was going to miss my show
for I was the last undecided
in Ohio.

"He'll tax you," hair called, "only if your rich!" said the ears
"I am," I said, and Mitt laughed thankful tears.
"But," I said, "Gays should be able to marry"
'oh' they both said and hair looked around wary.

For the last several months they showed their best sides
and took us along for baby-kissing rides.
And when something damaging dared rear its head
diversion and distraction helped put it to bed.

Quick! Hide Akin and Palin the GOP cried!
It's Kid Rock and Eastwood we want by his side!
And those donkeys, they did not miss a beat,
they hid Biden & Pelosi deep under the street.

Now tweeters, now mailers now knockers and callers
on radios on tvs on graphiti'd bathroom stall(ers)!
To the top of Wisconsin and the tips of the beach!
All old people and women I need you to reach!

Their supporters cheered out and passionately cried,
We'll beat down the other, we'll throw mud in their eye!
We'll get the word out! On us you should bet!
Think you've seen bad, you've seen nothing yet!

I looked at these two standing tall on my lawn
and asked if it would be worth it when the 7th saw dawn.
They looked at each other and shared so warm a glance
I'd swear I was witnessing a blossoming romance.

And then it hit me with such a force
that I screamed aloud, 'of course, of course!'
Worried, they broke their stare to woo me more,
but all they saw was the click of my door.

Back to my Facebook I ran with glee
to share the secret they accidentally shared with me.
Obama was in on it and Romney was too,
you see either way, they'll be better off than you!

While the runner up's supporters are crying the day of the loss
and winners will have to defend the failings of the new boss,
the candidates themselves will be dancing a jig
their egos inflated, their bank accounts big.

Mitt will be buying another show horse.
Obama will swing his big stick 'round the course.
The economy will get better, or maybe it chokes,
but sure as hell, they know, these two won't go broke.

So let's not belittle each other for them
and pretend that either's completely a gem.
Let's work, serve and vote the way Americans can
and look in the mirrors to make ourselves better women and men.

It's America's people, from new citizens to old
that have decided our freedom's more precious than gold.
It's awesome that we all have a voice we can share,
though passions may rise and tensions may flare.

So whoever wins, be it good guy or bad.
Be good sports if you win, and if you lose don't get mad.
And whether in joy or in pain you feel need to shed tears,
just remember, we get to do it all again in four years.

I was writing this down as I heard motors roar
and through the sky their private jets did soar.
But I heard them exclaim 'ere they flashed out of site,
There is still time to contribute to my campaign tonight!

Happy Election Day!

thanks for reading,